Primer and Elementary Level (Preschool - 2st Grade)

30-minute lessons are suggested for younger students.

As a long time piano teacher I have tried so many programs for young children and have finally found Wunderkeys. This piano curriculum is full of developmentally appropriate activities to allow the smallest of my students to experience music through rhythm, poems, and full body movement. Lessons are structured to change activities every five minutes and are focused on specific music listening skills, fine motor skills, math skills and pre reading music skills.

 Intermediate Level (3-5 Grades)

All lessons are created to suit the individual goals, desires, and loves of each student. I encourage my students to be curious and creative. With my help students learn music that they want to learn. I show students how music is constructed and how they can make up their own. Lessons of 45 minutes are suggested for advance level students and include:

  • Proper hands techniques                 

  • Note reading and note recognition

  • Composition

  • Creativity

  • Musical Games                     

  • Expressiveness                                   

  • Ear Training                                          

  • Training for Performances

  • Theory of Music

  • Memorization Skill

Late Intermediate - Advance Level (6-12 Grades)

Music education contains history, culture, science, mathematics, physical coordination, and, most importantly, creativity. In my teaching I aim to address all of these areas through an approach that integrates music history, theory, technique, musicianship, and artistry to provide a well-rounded education. Lessons of 45 minutes are suggested for advance level students and include:

  • Proper hands techniques                  

  • Music appreciation

  • Improvisation                                

  • Memorization Skill

  • Expressiveness                                   

  • Theory of Music                                       

  • Training for Performances: UIL and MTNA Competitions

  • College Preparation for Music Major